Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eternal Search For That Which Is Unlimited

How can we get to know God? In order to be able to answer the question, we need to understand what knowledge consists of. What is knowledge? Knowing something through its relationship with something else is one kind of knowledge. We may not have directly seen or experienced the planet Pluto. But we know that Pluto is the outermost part of the solar system. We know about Pluto by virtue of its connections with the solar system.

When we chart the growth of human knowledge, we can see that, time and again, we have come to know the unknown by virtue of its relation with the known. Isaac Newton related the dropping of the apple on his head to the revolution of the planets around the sun. He thus enabled us to understand the hitherto inexplicable motion of the planets by relating it to the common sight of an apple dropping from a tree onto the ground.

We get to know about certain events and processes by figuring out that they are related to certain other events and processes that we already know about. Einstein was able to think forward from the facts that light consisted of particles and electricity was the flow of electrons and conjure the idea of creating a photovoltaic effect.

Another kind of knowing is knowing directly through perceiving, through experiencing. We know that a fire is raging by experiencing its blistering heat and raging flames. We know the gnawing pain of hunger by experiencing its pangs.

Each way of knowing has its limitations. You can get to know only a few things by directly experiencing them. You cannot get to know the the freezing cold of Pluto, at close quarters.

Similarly, there are severe limitations as to what we can get to know through analytical reasoning. French scientist Pierre Laplace had exultantly declared that if we can compile data about the position and the velocity of every subatomic particle in the universe at any point of time, we can tabulate and map the future course of the universe for all time to come.

Werner Heisenberg’s Uncertainty has very clearly showed us that both the position and the velocity of a subatomic particle can never be measured equally accurately. Physics cannot accurately map the path of an object that is freely falling under gravity, because a large number of factors can affect the descent of the object. And here we have 10 billion neurons in the human brain interacting with each other through 1,000 billion junctions or synapses.

Given the limitations of the ways in which our minds acquire knowledge, they are totally inadequate to register even the feeblest intimations of the divine. Adi Shankara in his commentary on the Brahmnsutras says that the divine, “being beyond names and forms, is not an object of sense perception, and being without any indicatory mark, it cannot be known by mere inference either”. It cannot be known or perceived directly through our sense organs; and it cannot be known about through relationships. Only by becoming deeply aware of yourself can you sense its subliminal stirrings.

In that process of sensitization you gradually discard all the baggage of information and knowledge from your mind. You strip off everything that strengthens your sense of self through possession. You are then experiencing without there being any object of experience. You exist then as the pure and abiding consciousness manifesting as this universe.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Theist or Atheist

Theist... Now this is something very interesting.. Idea of god has always fascinated me.. Is God nothing but an idea??... a bank, from where you can ask anything you want without any warranty... a safe vault where you can confess your deeds... and a ready reason (conviction to be precise) for anything that you couldn't achieve in your life..

Being religious dangerously suppresses your Karma... you are tempted to believe that everything that is happening is because of will of God and thus, you don't give your full effort to the wish you want to see completed.. "Iswar ne gamyu te kharu" or "the Almighty's will".. this is the most cowardice (and with full of paradox) statement of human kind ever since the idea of God has been generated..

On one hand, we say God never does anything bad or wrong with his followers.. Ironically, his followers suffer the most.. but they never question their selves that if He does everything good to the people, then why there prevails so much chaos in the world and in the life of an individual.. Actually, if there is any such thing as God, then he supports only selected people.. These so called "Blessed" people build temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras and what not.. while other suffering people visit those religious places and worship their Gods, ask Gods to bless them whom He never going to favour.. Don't agree with me?? Just look around you, you will definitely find it... But try to see open minded and not open hearted..

The biggest impact of the idea of God on the society is FEAR... yes, fear.. Fear of society is the base of morality, fear of being betrayed is the base of honesty, the same way fear of God is the base of religion.. If there hadn't been such so called fears, the history of man kind would have been totally different.. This is a naked truth, whether you accept it or not..

Atheist... they hold more responsibility on their shoulders then the theists do.. because they have nothing but their deeds in their sack.. what ever the result they get is merely a reflection of their own deeds.. they neither blame Gods for miserable results, nor they thank God for their achievements.. Success or Failure whatever is their own creation..

They, not being religious doesn't mean they are immoral.. Just look around you and you will find many so called religious people are highly immoral with their deeds.. Atheist may be a spiritual though he is not worshiping God, while theist is most of the time only religious and never a spiritual human.. Being spiritual is better than being religious.. Atheism atleast saves you from being cowardice and makes you conscious every second for your deeds.. For atheists there is no Gunga to wipe their sins..

Theist or Atheist, whatever... the race is to find out the truth.. yes the ultimate truth.. Tears and Blood both speaks the same language, however the accent is different.. God is the language of tears while existence is the language of blood... Both have their own faith and superstitions... the question is which way you want to go... and you find the answer only when you question your FAITH...

Knowledge Is A Barrier, It Inhibits Creativity

Why can’t i see any meaning in life?
Life in itself has no meaning. Life is an opportunity to create a meaning. You will find meaning only if you create it. It is a poem to be composed, it is a song to be sung, it is a dance to be danced.

Buddha finds meaning because he creates it. I found it because i created it. God is not a thing but a creation. And only those who create find. And it is good that meaning is not lying somewhere there, otherwise one person would have discovered it — then what would be the need for everybody else to discover it?

Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity; now, do you have to discover it again and again? One man has done it; he has given you the map. It may have taken years for him, but for you to understand it will take hours.

Buddha also discovered something, Zarathustra also discovered something, but it is not like Einstein’s discovery. It is not there that you have just to follow Zarathustra and his map and you will find it. You will never find it. You will have to become a Zarathustra.

Each individual has to give birth to God, to meaning, to truth; each man has to become pregnant with it and pass through the pains of birth. Each one has to carry it in one’s womb, feed it by one’s own blood, and only then does one discover.

You don’t expect a religious person to be creative. You just expect him to fast, sit in a cave, get up early in the morning, chant mantras. And you are perfectly satisfied! Praise a man because he has created a song, a beautiful sculpture. Praise a man because he plays such a beautiful flute. Let these be religious qualities from now onwards. Praise a man because he is such a lover — love is religion. Because of him the world is becoming more graceful.

The inquiry has to be pure, without any conclusion. If you are looking for a certain meaning, you will not find it — because from the very beginning your inquiry is polluted, it is impure. You have already decided.

For example, if a man comes into my garden and thinks he can find a diamond there then to him this garden is beautiful. He cannot find the diamond, so he says there is no meaning in the garden... And there are so many beautiful flowers, and so many birds singing, and so many colours, and the wind blowing through the pines, and the moss on the rocks. But he cannot see any meaning because he has a certain idea: he has to find the diamond, only then there will be a meaning.

He is missing meaning because of his idea. Let your inquiry be pure. Don’t move with any fixed idea. Go naked. Go open and empty. And you will find not only one meaning — you will find a thousand and one meanings. Then each thing will become meaningful. Just a coloured stone shining in the rays of the sun... or a dewdrop creating a small rainbow around itself... or just a small flower dancing in the wind... What meaning are you searching for?

Go without a conclusion! That’s what i mean when i say go without knowledge if you want to find the truth. The knowledgeable person never finds it. His knowledge is a barrier. Drop the knowledge and become more creative. Remember, knowledge is gathered — you need not be creative about it; you have only to be receptive. And that’s what man has become: man is reduced to being a spectator.

Sex with Life

Life.... it teaches me lesson in her own ridiculous way, and i don't learn at all in my very own ridiculous way

our confrontation is carrying on since my birth (literally from my birth, believe me) .. i try to bend her on my side and she tries to bend me on my knees on her side.. finally the symphony breaks and I fall on the ground zero...

no one can hit you as hard as life and this battle ends with your breath.. but i still refuses to learn anything and commit the same mistake again and again (only if its considered as mistake, not for me).. then i suffer for what the gods have destined for me, suffer terribly (ummm.. wild, i guess)

i read somewhere long back that, when you think that you have figured out everything and relaxed, this is the time when life screws you... life enjoys to screw me (i tell u life is a sadistic thing) and i get pleasure from pain (again in my own ridiculous way).. initially i was scared of pain.. but when pain exceeds some limits, u feel nothing at all...

enjoying pleasure from pain is like having a sex with wild girl friend.. its really really a wild experience.. you may not like it for first couple of time but as time passes u start enjoying this situation... yes, life is my girl friend.. she enjoys me while having sex and eventually i have learned to enjoy as well.. our sex-life is so good that anyone can envy upon..

i mean just think, she grabs me to some lonely corner, which i had never demanded for.. she ties me with some pleasant circumstances... she takes my clothes of intellect and understanding off.. throws me in the bed of dreams.. rolls on my body all over, kisses my child-like curious lips with her lips of hope... suddenly she bites me on my chest of love with her poisonous teeth of amity... and THEN one fine moment i realize that we were not enjoying sex and she was just fucking me...

AND here lies the reason why i don't learn anything.. because i have not accepted the things as they are but i have learned enjoying the situation..