Friday, April 11, 2008

Theist or Atheist

Theist... Now this is something very interesting.. Idea of god has always fascinated me.. Is God nothing but an idea??... a bank, from where you can ask anything you want without any warranty... a safe vault where you can confess your deeds... and a ready reason (conviction to be precise) for anything that you couldn't achieve in your life..

Being religious dangerously suppresses your Karma... you are tempted to believe that everything that is happening is because of will of God and thus, you don't give your full effort to the wish you want to see completed.. "Iswar ne gamyu te kharu" or "the Almighty's will".. this is the most cowardice (and with full of paradox) statement of human kind ever since the idea of God has been generated..

On one hand, we say God never does anything bad or wrong with his followers.. Ironically, his followers suffer the most.. but they never question their selves that if He does everything good to the people, then why there prevails so much chaos in the world and in the life of an individual.. Actually, if there is any such thing as God, then he supports only selected people.. These so called "Blessed" people build temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras and what not.. while other suffering people visit those religious places and worship their Gods, ask Gods to bless them whom He never going to favour.. Don't agree with me?? Just look around you, you will definitely find it... But try to see open minded and not open hearted..

The biggest impact of the idea of God on the society is FEAR... yes, fear.. Fear of society is the base of morality, fear of being betrayed is the base of honesty, the same way fear of God is the base of religion.. If there hadn't been such so called fears, the history of man kind would have been totally different.. This is a naked truth, whether you accept it or not..

Atheist... they hold more responsibility on their shoulders then the theists do.. because they have nothing but their deeds in their sack.. what ever the result they get is merely a reflection of their own deeds.. they neither blame Gods for miserable results, nor they thank God for their achievements.. Success or Failure whatever is their own creation..

They, not being religious doesn't mean they are immoral.. Just look around you and you will find many so called religious people are highly immoral with their deeds.. Atheist may be a spiritual though he is not worshiping God, while theist is most of the time only religious and never a spiritual human.. Being spiritual is better than being religious.. Atheism atleast saves you from being cowardice and makes you conscious every second for your deeds.. For atheists there is no Gunga to wipe their sins..

Theist or Atheist, whatever... the race is to find out the truth.. yes the ultimate truth.. Tears and Blood both speaks the same language, however the accent is different.. God is the language of tears while existence is the language of blood... Both have their own faith and superstitions... the question is which way you want to go... and you find the answer only when you question your FAITH...

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